USGS returns to the Internet

Unnamed Administration sources reported that Patrick Greenwell said:

"Further ordered that defendants shall immediately disconnect from the
Internet all computers within the custody and control of the Department of
the Interior, its employees and contractors, that have access to
individual Indian trust data."

Thank you. For some reason I was unable to screen grab that pdf.

I have no personal knowledge of the DOI's infrastructure, and unless you
do, I think we're all left to speculate as to whether or not the "home
page server" of the DOI had access to the Indian trust data. My
speculation would be that it does if it's Internet connected...

I can see no reason why a server full of personal data would be.

{But this is getting way OT}

Personally, given the amount and size of holes the court-appointed tiger
team found, and the fact that *previous* security audits going back as
far as 1989 (it appears) have found problems, I'd be surprised if they
had gotten it *right* and segregated that server from the Internet.

And of course, given the judge's wording, if the data server is on the
Internet, then every DoI host that's on the Internet has access to it - and
thus needs to have its plug pulled.

Bet somebody's wishing that server had been on a private network with
only several other dozen machines.... :wink: