a peek at their web page indicates they are *not* related to ISI. i am
not aware of anything that would give them the right to charge for .us
registration. sounds like a big scam to me.

That is what I figured. The guy kept throwing out how much $$ we
could make if we came on board with them, etc., etc.

It sounded pretty suspect. IMO, it borders on fraud.


Recently I sponsored a thread on com-priv to explore that group's thinking
on geographically based TLD's, and how they might be administered. In
that thread I advanced the notion that they might be best administered by
exchanges associated with the geographic area being serviced, as a revenue
source for those exchanges.

Although I have been known to engage in some intelligent marketing
practices I would like to have it made clear that, although I have
advocated for billing for geographic TLD's at some length, I have nothing
to do with this effort.

-Douglas Tooley