US Seeks Alternative Domain Name Plan

by Rebecca Vesely

          6:14pm 2.May.97.PDT The Clinton administration, dissatisfied
    with a new international agreement on the
          registration of domain names and other key Net issues, has
          directed a working group to amend the
          system, a government official told Wired News on Friday.

          The official, who is knowledgeable about the policy discussions
          and spoke on condition of
          anonymity, said that the US initiative is aimed at easing
    emerging disputes over the International
          Ad Hoc Committee's pact and creating a more tangible mechanism
          for handling far-reaching Net

          "While we feel that the IAHC has done a good job, we are
          concerned about numerous aspects of
          their plan," the official said. A central problem, the official
          added, was the role assigned to the
          UN-affiliated International Telecommunications Union and World
          Intellectual Property Organization without approval from member

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