US Federal Y2K web site is now online

At a post-mortum after one of the big events last year, I suggested the
federal agencies might want to join together and create a way they could
share their web infrastructures for these big events. Different agencies
face this problem on a regular basis. Each time they set up a one of
a kind project. Afterwards, the vendors pack up all the fancy boxes and
go home. If the agencies had a pre-arranged way to distribute information
through all the servers they have, they have a lot of server power spread
out across many different backbones and could re-use what they've learned
from the previous events.

On one hand, its good because each project gets the latest, greatest boxes.
Government procurement policies aren't designed for the bleeding edge. Allowing
vendors to show off their wares, gets a lot of bang for the government buck.
On the other hand, it takes six months to get enough network and server power
ready. If an agency needs to set up an event site on short notice, they are

Since no one has been completely successfull handling event sites, maybe
having different vendors experiment with different solutions is best.

According to Koskinen the new web site can handle an estimated
40 million hits a day. Yes, I know there already was a site using the address. It handled about 1 million hits a month. If you
remember your performance and simulation class in college, there are all
sorts of queues in queuing theory. You get very different results depending
on the predicted arrival rates.