US Domestic line costs?

PacBell has two tariff rates for point-to-point T-1 service.
The rate quoted above is their "California" CPUC rate. The
other rate is the FCC128 tariff. If more than 10 percent of
the data on the line originates or terminates across LATA
boundries the customer can request the FCC rate which is $15
per mile.

There may be uses of T-1 lines which would never qualify for
the lower FCC rate. This is speculation since none of this
applies to government, but a T-1 connecting two PBXs in the
same city together would probably not qualify for the FCC rate.
But consistantly in many discussions with many PacBell service
representatives, the only requirement for getting the "good"
rate for a T-1 used for networking is that you know enough to
ask for it.

Not clear from Beck's brief quote, the $350 fixed charge covers
the cost of the lines from the serving wire centers to the
customer premises. The "milage" is the distance between
the serving wire centers. The milage charge can be zero if
both ends are served from the same central office. When the
milage is not zero, there is an additional charge of about $100/month
which covers the capital cost of using PacBell DACS to get in and
out of their interoffice network.

For "trade show" applications (pull T-1 to convention center
for 1 week and then disconnect), the CPUC rate may be overall
lower cost than the FCC128 rate because of lower one-time charges.

As should be clear from my email address, the interpretations
of PB rates are mine and not pacbell's or the University's.