US Domain -- County Delegations

a private conversation has borne some useful fruit:

I gathered from some mail that Paul sent out recently
that there was no problem with overloading of the root
servers. Something about the fact that his BSD/OS Pentium
was handling 100lookups/second without breathing hard...

The question is is the growth exponential?

the 100/sec number has been pretty stable for the last four months. it was
80/sec last year. it bursts up to 150/sec a few times an hour. no big deal.
i could do 600/sec before i would have to worry about the cpu speed. i would
fear for the interconnects if all seven root servers got 600/sec.

there are two kinds of root server queries. one is a name server starting up
and trying to "bootstrap" its cache using its root.cache or or what-
ever file. the other is when a recursive server doesn't have an answer and
has to delegate. therefore the root server load scales with the number of
recursive name servers, not with the number of clients or the number of domains

if it were otherwise, the world would have melted long before now.