US Domain -- County Delegations

but they all get nice short names. And the folks at Green Auto Parts in
Raleigh NC can still register as and they will be quite
happy since they only have 10 machines on their store LAN.

but they won't. they'll want if you were right that they'd be
quite happy, then our local newspaper would have called their domain
SF-EXAMINER.COM rather than EXAMINER.COM. but they were almost certainly
worried that if they didn't take EXAMINER.COM, some other daily newspaper
would surely take it, and they'd somehow be worse off.

we're getting well into the murky arena where perception begins to dominate
the equation. people _believe_ that short domain names indicate quality or
size or "greatness" (i call this "domain envy"), and so it becomes true.

it's sort of like thin-vs-wide ties, or hemlines. i'm not sure that we as
technologists are well equipped to deal with this issue, but i am quite
certain that the nontechnologists would do an even worst job, so here we are.