US Domain -- County Delegations

Michael Dillon writes:-

I think the key is to let people choose. The county name system and the
.FAM system do not give people a choice. If cousin Ned wants to be in the
.KLINGON domain and Aunt Sarah wants to be in the .SEWMISTRESS domain,
why not let them? Realistically, in order to keep the root under control
these should be .KLINGON.ROLE and .SEWMISTRESS.ROLE but maybe Aunt Martha
is happy with the .SMITH.FAM domain.

Hmm. If you are looking for ideas (who said that they had to be good?
what's good about a geographic/city split anyway?), why not have
<SURNAME>.US, and let the family tree start to hang together. If there
are, say, too many DILLON.US branches of the family, then the Dillons
themselves can split this by whatever method suits them. If there are
strong ties with those Dillons who arrived in 1687, then 1687.DILLON.US
could be used, if the Dillons in Boston form a unit, then
BOSTON.DILLON.US and so what if someone moves out of Boston, they still
have the same family relationship.


I live in Canada, my father came from Ireland. Do we really need
as well?

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