[url correction] Cable networks RE: best effort has economic problems, maybe OT

Correcting a previous url error on my part.

Narad's site is at:


Sorry 'bout that, folks.


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Agree, this is a great discussion, akin to a recent Cook Report accounting of


effort considerations. Several startups (now going into year two) have addressed
the cable-HF/C constraints you've mentioned. You may be interested in perusing
these two:


Another, Rainmaker Technologies...


.... appears to have fallen on hard times while seeking later round funding. Not
sure of their disposition at this time, but doing googles on their name reveal
some good articles on their approach to using wavelets to improve bit gain over
black coax/fiber systems to homes and businesses.

Metcalfe has financial backing hooks and input into Narad, and Mark E. Laubach of
COM21 fame (ATM over HF/C) heads up (headed up?) Rainmaker's technical pursuits.

[[As an aside, I'm finding increased interest in corporate parks (especially


All of these are great observations. So what's the cable HFC Achilles heel?