Urgently need contact at Facebook of Instagram and also Omegle

There is a woman torturing animals on Omegle, she is advertising it on her Instagram account. Need to get this in front of the right people to have her traced and shut down.

Please let me know if you can provide a contact for either org.


A few thoughts :

Netflix has an excellent five-part documentary series called “Don’t Fuck WIth Cats” about someone who did this years ago, and then eventually murdered a human on camera after many internet slueths trying to get law enforcement to cooperate : https://inews.co.uk/culture/television/luka-magnotta-dont-fuck-with-cats-netflix-true-crime-documentary-1345877

There is a subreddit with a large active community of people, who are now currently discussing this exact perpetrator you mention : https://www.reddit.com/r/DontFuckWithCats/

My initial inclination would be to track down the law enforcement people involved in that prior investigation, if you can. Hope others can help.

Many times I came across the fact that large content operators do not have adequate support.
I understand that increasing the support is not reasonable, its too expensive.
Why they don't make a separate "route" with payment and a list of urgent complaints criteria,
where the complainant pays a deposit of say $ 100-$200/hr,
and if he writes nonsense or not urgent case, qualified for free support, he simply loses money
and pays the operator for the time spent.

If case qualifies for urgent support, the money is returned to person seeking support.
But how things are going on now, it is totally wrong.
Large content networks are turning into trash bin and a hotbed of crime due to the inability to
quickly control illegal content.

I wouldn’t refuse such $100 option for ISP, if someone wants to send me complaints about torrents for $100,
i don’t mind looking at it carefully for compliance with local law.
And at the same time I could respond more quickly to complaints on DDOS and SPAM, hire dedicated staff, its for good
too. Also he can handle additionally regular abuse complaints channels.