Urgent: rack mounting kit / rack shelf


Colleagues are racking some very heavy routers in the Equinix SV1 (San Jose) location and are in need of rack shelf or a universal rack mounting kit.

Does anyone know stores which might have these in stock in the SV area?

Thanks in advance



You might want to check out Central Computers. I used to work in the area so there are tons of them around.

Here is the shelf that might work for you: http://www.centralcomputers.com/ccp85433-startech-adjshelfhdv-1u-19--adjustable-vented-rac-adjshelfhdv-misstashel2r.htm

And here is the manufacturer spec for it: http://de.startech.com/en/Server-Management/Racks/1U-Adjustable-Depth-Vented-Rack-Mount-Shelf-Heavy-Duty-Fixed-Server-Rack-Cabinet-Shelf-250lbs-113kg~ADJSHELFHDV

My advice is to call ahead and make sure they have it before you go down there.


Frys on Kifer have them as does Halted Specialties at Lawrence Expwy
and Central Expwy.


If it's not 'standard' weird stuff in Sunnyvale (area) also has a big selection of pre-loved kits..


Michelle Sullivan

Yes, they do, and I forgot to mention that place, they have TONS of rack


Fry's is actually on Arques Ave in Sunnyvale.

Not sure about all the Fry's, but the Sunnyvale store has "re-imagined"
itself (no longer has rows upon rows of 8' shelves, they are now all
about 5' tall, so you get a more open store experience) and no longer
has quite the amount of rack stock on display it once had. I presume
they have it in the back storeroom if one asks.

+1 for Weirdstuff for random new-to-you racks and accessories
(and I believe they have even more in their warehouse area, if you


Doh! Yes, Arques! My bad!

Halted and WeirdStuf both have rack shelves.