URGENT: NON-OP StarWars Details.

Ok, All those that wish to goto this movie will meet
at 8:30pm in the front lobby of the Hilton Hotel.

The Hotel will shuttle us over and back to the Movie.

The BUS can take 11 (eleven) people. I have a car
and can take three people.

Directions will be available at the meet time/point.

I am going to go and purchase tickets now. I am front
funding 15 tickets. Each ticket is 6.50 a piece.

Movie starts at 10:00 PM and will run for 2.5 hours.

Movie is at Cinemark Movies 17 (The New One) in Springfield, OR....


If there is anyone that has already seen Star Wars or doesn't want to, we're
going to get together a trip to The Mummy. If anyone is interested, we have
transportation available for 4+ people. Showtime is at 10:10 and please
reply to me directly.


BTW, does anyone know an Avi Fredman? :wink: