Updating Geolocation of /24 within corporate /16


You have given good advice on updating IP Geolocation data in the past,
including visiting 'www.google.com' from a mobile device and selecting "use
exact location [from GPS]". This worked out well for us a few years ago for
a single IP which we were NATting out of in a new geographic location.

Now we are in a position where we have been assigned site-local /24 (out of
the corporation's larger /20 space) networks for a couple of locations and
I'm wondering how I go about updating IP Geolocation data to note that two
/24 networks are no longer at the Corporate HQ location.

I understand that when users first start using these site-specific /24
networks, they will be lumped in with the larger /20 space as far as their
geolocation goes, but besides the Google/GPS method, is there a
cleaner/better way to do this? Do Geolocation services use SWIP data?
Should I have the /24s have separate SWIP data noting the geo location? I'd
love a place to be able to say: "This /24 is at this geoloc; this /24 is at
this geoloc; and the corporate /20 remains where it always has been."

Many thanks for your insights in this matter,


Have you tried submitting a correction to some geolocation services
directly yet? Maxmind is pretty heavily used.


Hi Tyler,

I have not yet tried this, but am doing so now, thanks!


If you have a peering session with Google or one of their cache boxes, you
can set a GeoIP publishing endpoint using their online portal at
isp.google.com. That's only for Google though.