Updated monitoring pages from Team Cymru

[ Apologies to those of you who receive this note in multiple forums. ]

Hi, team.

We are pleased to announce some updated monitoring, as well as some
new monitoring, on our web site. This includes aesthetic fixes as
well as increased visibility.

Our DNS monitoring now has increased visibility as well as a new
look and feel. Gone are the multiple pages for each zone,
replaced with a single page that will have additional zones soon.
You'll find it at the following URL.


The times are DNS query response times, and the query responses are
checked for correctness. Clicking on the query response time will
bring you to a more detailed, graphical view of the query responses
for the given pod and name server combination.

We've updated our network monitoring to include several new
components. This includes pod to pod ICMP, TCP, and UDP monitoring.
It also includes traffic graphs for a select few Darknet pods, and
our new Internet Garbage Meter. :slight_smile:


For more on Darknets, from which our Darknet monitoring and Internet
Garbage Meter are generated, please see our Darknet Project page at
the following URL.


We hope you find this of use. Comments and suggestions are always

Rob, for Team Cymru.