Update on mail bombing threats--not so funny

The Usenix key signing is a good model for techie types, but
we are the minority. How would the great unwashed have their
keys signed?

This looks like a business opportunity. I think it may make
sense for somebody to establish a nation wide network of
Public Notaries who'd be certifying that the physical person
has this-and-that document (drivers license, etc) and has that
key. A central office would maintain a registry of personal
keys. We all could use the registry to verify the signatures.

Such certification could cost something like $10 per key. I'd
certainly be willing to pay that much to have a certified key.
Given the potential customer base of 20-50 million, that would
make a nice business case.

- --vadim


CA's will likely be the notary public of the future. But what does
that do to help us fight spam and *forged* spam today?

I'm not trying to discourage the use of PGP, just point out that
it is unlikely to solve the problem at hand.

Long term, yes, today, no.

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