Update: CSX train derailment

The curse seems to still work, my brand new "backup" server was
installed in a location between Baltimore and Washington DC this
week. A short time later, a nearby train derails. I think Murphy
following me. Remember, its not parnoia if people really are out
to get you :slight_smile:

It appears most providers have found ways to re-route around
the fiber break/fire in Baltimore. Physical diversity? Why bother,
it only takes a day to have techs patch around the cut. Some
individual customers still say they have problems, but generally
things seem much better along the easter seaboard.


Other providers may have also been affected, but I have no
information about the status of their network. The CSX and
Amtrack routes are the primary fiber routes through Baltimore,
so it was a crap shoot which provider got hit. Were they in
the Amtrack right-of-way or the CSX right-of-way.

The Baltimore Fire Department started removing train cars from
the tunnel this morning, but stopped when the fire flared up

Once the fire is back under control, we'll hear:

It has been reported by sources close to the BFD that one of the cars
was a flatbed carrying a load of backhoes. This cargo explains the
extensive fiber cuts that happened in the tunnel around the time of
the accident and had previously been blamed on the fire.


At least from what I can see with Above, they have rerouted via a 95ms
path from NY > ORD > DFW > IAD.

Many hundreds of OC-x systems are still down; MFN is apparently digging
nearby to run some temporary, parallel fiber for the time being, but 30+
hours later, it's not complete.

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