Update: CSX train derailment

At 9pm (EDT) the newswires and CNN reported the Baltimore Fire Department
had blocked most major highways and access roads to central Baltimore.

10 people have been treated for injuries including two firefighters.

The following providers have updates on their public network status
web sites about the cable cut and CSX train derailment


The following providers are NOT reporting any problems on their public
network status web sites. Either they haven't updated their web site,
or they haven't experienced any affects from the train derailment.

   Cable & Wireless

I do not know (or don't have access) to any network status web site
for the following providers, so I do not know their status

   Level 3

Because the train derailment involves potentially hazardous materials,
no provider has an estimated time to repair. Telecom repair crews will
be allowed into the tunnel after the fire department and HAZMAT teams
complete their work.