Upcoming NANOG44 - Hockey in Los Angeles

If you are planning on attending the upcoming NANOG44 conference in Los Angeles and are interested in attending a hockey game.....

The Los Angeles Kings opening night is against the San Jose Sharks at Staples center Sunday Night.,October 12 at 6PM If there is enough interest Ralph Whitmore will arrange for tickets for all that want to go. He will need a count and money by Wednesday at the latest. Tickets will be priced based on the interest. He will have some ballpark numbers tomorrow after the Kings call him back.

If the numbers are enough for a suite (15?), he will get a suite with a NO-Host bar in it. If not he will get good seats for all, though he cannot tell where they will be yet. If you are interested please e-mail Ralph at ralphw@interworld.net ASAP so he can get a ballpark number.

I'll be sending another email shortly for other activities in the Los Angeles area for those who have some extra time for sightseeing before or after the NANOG/ARIN meetings.

Hope to see you all in Los Angeles.