Upcoming change to SOA values in .com and .net zones

No, they are not learning. At least this is not what their CEO says:


After reading that article I got curious about who
Overture is. A quick search on Google got me this


And in case you think that perhaps the Red Herring writer
only used Overture's rates as an example, here's another
article that confirms that Overture did have a deal with
Verisign's Sitefinder project:


Verisign and its CEO are looking slimier and slimier...
Thankfully, it is highly unlikely that the .com boom will
ever make a comeback. Marketing and advertising people
and investors are beginning to understand what works and what
doesn't on the Internet.

I expect that Sitefinder will return but that a lot of browser
software and ISPs will divert the misspelled URLs to a local
spelling checker. Sitefinder version 2 will die a quick death
because it won't get enough clicks and most of the ones
that it does get will be nuisance clicks.

--Michael Dillon