Upcoming change of source AS for i.root-servers.net


As part of the long term ambition to provide the Internet root
nameservers with extremely stable homes in all possible respects we
plan to change the source autonomous system for i.root-servers.net
from AS8674 (NETNOD INTERNET EXCHANGE) to AS29216 (dedicated as

We hope that after this change i.root-servers.net will never have to
change source AS again.

We intend to implement this change next week during the NANOG29

Please note:

a) This is a planned operation, not an emergency.

b) We will not change the IP adress of the i.root-servers.net service,
   only the source AS.

c) We will not change any of the several servers providing the
   i.root-servers.net service in any way. It will be the same servers
   at the same locations providing exactly the same service as usual.


Johan Ihr�n