Unrealistic, temporary, time-to-market pricing [was: Re: Two Tiered In ternet]

The [renamed] subject says it all.

Current pricing schemes in the the digital connectivity business
these days reflect nothing, and I mean nothing, that has to do
with nothing, and is indicative of nothing.

All wrapped up for your Christmas shopping pleasure in nothingness.

I hoped we all learned something here -- and that is, service
providers are sometimes idiots. Sometimes even more than sometimes.

But, hey, remember -- they have a lot to lose, too, so it makes 'em
a bit crazy when everything they know changes....

No technical issues here, just marketroid & financial sleight of
hand. We're all getting sucked into technical debates over money
issues, basically, and it is rather discouraging to see engineering
folk get all wrapped up in this crud.

Move along -- nothing to see here.

- ferg

ps. I broke my [short] silence here because I think this is
an important issue -- don't let these pukes pull the wool over
your eyes on this crappola.