> Can't seem to reach any of cyberpromo's nameservers. Anybody know why?

Just joined this list a few days ago so forgive me if I'm repeating past
news here, but over on inet-access there has been much discussion regarding
AGIS and CRL. If CRL is your upstream, this is why, if not got me...

Anyway, effective June 4th (according to AGIS), CRL is refusing to peer w/
them at even CIX (where AGIS has to) until AGIS will peer with them
everywhere they coexist. CRL on the other hand is blaming the outage
between them and AGIS on a bad router at the CIX exchange. As to which is
true (if either) is a god question, but the fact remains that transit
between CRL and AGIS isn't happening right now and hasn't been since late
the 4th.

Nope. I tried from different sites. But that's moot now, because the
miscreants are back.

Oh well,