University of Alaska AS7774 NOC?

If there's anyone on call at network operations for the University of
Alaska, AS7774, please contact me or ACS NOC, who have an open trouble

We appear to be having BPG reachability issues on your ACS peering.

Thank you,

I want to extend thanks to the folks at University of Alaska, several of
whom contacted me immediately.

The issue turned out to be with ACS (AS7782), whose network engineers are
also on NANOG and called me almost right away, even the one on leave whom
the NOC couldn't reach.

That's what I call service. Thanks again, you deserve a shout out.

We responded to Jeremy off-list, which turned out to be a different issue,
but its worth noting. We swung AS7774 over to a different provider
yesterday morning at our three peering points. We spot checked several
route views and looking glass servers for AS paths around the globe and
didn't find any issues, but if folks wouldn't mind running traces to & and pinging me with any anomalies, that
would be great.


Britton Anderson <> | Senior Network Communications
Specialist | University of Alaska <> |