Ungodly packet loss rates

Okay. I'll hopefully solve all your problems in one paragraph, vs. your
bible of well written critique of the Internet:

You get what you pay for or you pay what you get for. Since you chose a
substandard choice or Cisco did, obviously one of you needs to seek legal
action immediately. I can, of course for a fee, recommend a good attorney.
If you realize that by paying less, you should obviously get less, as most
people understand then you wouldn't have bitched and moaned to the entire
NANOG community. Of course, being the good samaritan that I am can end
your troubles with a free dial-up account on our network, whereby I make
no guarantees of the performance, and of course this account would be free.
The only agreement I attach to this deal is that you take this thread off-line
and to the courts.

Exodus Communications Inc.