Undersea cable cut?

Seeing a serious uptick in latency to India from North America and am hearing reports of an undersea cable cut in the Mediterranean? Has anyone else heard something similar?


There's a cut in SWM4

*SMW4 Segment 4.1 cable fault*

Cable shunt fault developed on SMW4 segment 4.1 (Egypt / Alexandria –
Branching Unit #4A onward France / Marseilles) at 07:15GMT on 14-Apr. 2010.
However the shunt fault has further deteriorated and the cable segment was
down at 10:03GMT. Only four unprotected Singapore – London / Frankfurt
STM-4c IP trunks were being affected.

SMW4 NOC updated that there is a shunt fault in segment 4.1 between Egypt /
Alexandria and France / Marseilles with cable fault on Fiber Pair #2 at
1886.152 km from Alexandria towards Palermo. The traffic landed at Palermo
onwards to Europe was being affected, while the traffic running between
Alexandria and Marseilles via Fiber Pair #1 is still maintained.