UN Panel Aims to End Internet Tug of War by July

No government will ever have the internet's best intrest in mind when they talk about controlling it. Luckily government control has been kept some what to a minimum so far but it's growing rapidly and this is another attempt for a government body to "control" the internet.

I wonder what new rules will be put in place if the ITU gets control?

I also wonder if the ITU can really take control. What if the U.N. says the ITU should run the TLD's and ICANN says no?

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&gt; When I hear Robert Mugabe talk about internet governance I don't really
&gt; get the impression that he has the interests of the people of Zimbabwe at
&gt; heart.
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&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; I'm intrigued at the failure to distinguish between the web and
&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; email, given that spam is a messaging phenomenon, not a publishing
&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; phenomenon.
&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt;&gt; It's actually a failure to distinguish the web from the Internet
&gt;&gt; i was probably too cryptic. yes, they are using the term 'web' to mean 'the internet'.
&gt;&gt; the problem is that professional writing needs to be careful, and a failure at such a basic level as using web to apply to email does not bode well for the utility of the article...
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What if the UN says ITU should run the TLDs, ICANN says yes, and, a
significant portion of the operational internet says no?


ICANN won't say yes. Now that a new fee for TLD operators goes to ICANN, they won't want to give it up. Simple non-profit business practices. If ITU operates it, they would keep the existing fees and then add a few others. I think we've already seen the bottom in terms of fees to operate a registry. Even as everything to do the job gets cheaper, the fees to kick upstairs will probably keep going up.

To keep this on-topic, I think that the operational internet won't have much to say as long as the control is managed/moved seamlessly and no unusually draconian policies are put _into practice_. I'm positive there are already some pretty draconian polices on the books, but because they haven't become operational issues yet, no one worries about them.


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