Ultradns using anycast?

PIR is the TLD manager for .ORG. Afilias provides technical

operations for the ORG registry on behalf of PIR; the ORG zone is >hosted today by Neustar Ultra Services (which is the more recent, correct name for UltraDNS following their acquisition) under >contract to Afilias.

>If you have a problem with the technical operations of the ORG zone, registry or nameserver, then Afilias is an appropriate >organisation to contact. I don't have the NOC contacts to hand, but personal mail to me will cause things to happen, so long as >I'm not buried under a pile of other distractions (as I mentioned in private mail to Jeffrey).

There's certainly nothing wrong with noting a problem with a GTLD
here on NANOG.

Whatever is going on is impacting at least tld2.ultranet.net hosted out of
XO in IAD. That machine has been steadily degrading since last week and
peaked out tonight at almost a full second for a resolution of anything.