UK gov get onboard the security notification train


Now maybe if we can persude UK Gov to configure mailing lists correctly to
not send virus content before it is scanned then maybe we can all sleep safe
at night :slight_smile:

Colin Johnston

Also it's shame there's no sign-up confirmation email/SMS on these.

Heck should I wish I could get all the spam trojans to sign up to this with interesting email/mobile-numbers and really annoy alot of people.

Sigh - reinventing the wheel (badly) again. Wonders what's wrong with MailMan (etc) and just patch in an SMS system to it...???

I am betting they don't PGP sign anything, so that it's entirely
possible for some miscreant to provide spoof attacks.


On the other hand, they let you specify a ITSafe word which I gather
they put in all the subjects, personally I'd prefer PGP though.