Uhaul not routing IPs

Our customers are trying to access uhauldealer.com and are unable to load the page. Classic case of incorrect geolocation and/or up filtering.
Our emails to their webmaster/wan team have gone unanswered or bounced
If anyone knows how to contact them please contact me off list

The server does not respond to our clients when they originate from a certain subnet, but they do with a different subnet

Forgot to attach our main subnet,

I do not know what this issue is, I am not uhaul. The server does not respond to pings/requests. It one way routes to their subnet via traceroute and just drops off after that. 95% of the time it is a firewall setting, the other 5% of the time it is a bgp issue on their edge routers, not being able to reply to our packets being sent(one way routing issue).
We have a list of other little services that have the same problem, but because they are little, we can CGNAT all requests to their IP addresses from known good addresses. I’ve just got to assume that there is some common service that they all use that cause this problem. Assuming they accept BGP with proper filters and have a semi-sane firewall, there wouldn’t be any issues as we don’t do anything special with our BGP.