UCEProtect Level 3

Why do you believe people which are using Level 3 are not aware what it is
We have given a very detailed description how it works and also
recommendations how to use it.
See: http://www.uceprotect.net/en/index.php?m=3&s=5
Additionaly we are writing BIG FAT warnings also into the downloadable
See: http://wget-mirrors.uceprotect.net/rbldnsd-all/dnsbl-3.uceprotect.net
As you can see we don't make a secret out of what it is: A boycottlist.
Therefore we have to assume that those which are using it for blocking do
exactly know what they are doing.
It clearly depends on where you are and where you expect mail from, if you
can or cannot use it for blocking.According to Al Iverson's stats (which
didn't get updated since summer 2008) it looks like it is not doing so much
false positives if used in North America.See: http://stats.dnsbl.com/uce3
If used in Germany, Austria or Switzerland it even looks better:
See our stats: http://stats.uceprotect.net/week.html
Of course it will almost always be necessary to use a whitelist in
combination with ASN-Blocking.
Claus von Wolfhausen

I am guessing the emails from uninformed victims wondering why their mail isn't getting through.

Vigilantes always start out with the right intentions and then take it too far. One day you are going to filter the wrong AS.


You are blaming the wrong people. It is very clear on their website that
this list should not be used for blocking. It states that there will be
FPs and that you should use it as part of an overall scoring system. If
you must blame someone, blame the idiots who use it to block email.

The real problem is it's not just UCEProtect.


I see too many IronPort's at ISP's using these reputation filters and blocking anyone who accidentally got infected with a virus for weeks on end well after the problem is solved.