Type of network operators?

I have been on this list for about 2 weeks, just observing the
        discussions. I have primarily worked with wireless service
        providers in
        the past who are fairly low budget operators. Some of the
        things I've
        observed about this group are:
        * This list seems to be populated by better funded operations
        that means larger or just better at getting funding may remain
        to be
        * Most of the operators on this list seem to be pretty good at
        work and the questions seem to revolve around more complex
        * There seems to be a number of corporate network operators on
        this list
        as opposed to access network operators (such as ISPs and such)
        I hope you all don't take this as an affront and get offended,
        as that's
        not my intent. I am just making some simple observations.
        Having said this, I wanted to introduce myself and see if this
        is a list
        that I need to participate in actively. I am a network engineer
        consultant. I have worked in the past with Cisco, Juniper and
        similar "higher end" type devices, but it's been a while since I
        customers who use that gear. Most of my current customer base
        smaller operators who can pinch a penny in half. :slight_smile:
        I do a lot of work with MikroTik RouterOS, ImageStream and other
        based devices. I do engineering, training, hardware sales and
        such for
        networks all over the world. I am likely to continue to monitor
        list for questions that are in my area of expertise, but
        wondered if
        these devices I mention are "common" to operators on this list.
        I know
        that I have not caught a discussion that involved any of them so
        (other than one reference to an OpenBSD solution a day or two
        Anyway, hello to the list and I look forward to finding a home
        this group.

Thanks. Your observations are good related to active posters. The
overall list is very diverse. Aside from the active posters, the list
is about 10K strong. Everything from AOL to people from Zoos, law
enforcement, banks, and any industry you can think of. NANOG is not
just a list, but an interesting hodge podge of builders and occupants
of the Internet that sometimes make sense. :slight_smile:

As Paul Wall might say, Drive Slow.



But Butch be da dude.

Only half a penny?! Butch, I can cut that penny at least into eighths!