TWT - Comcast congestion

Anyone else seeing this or know the cause?

  5: ( 29.758ms
  6: ( asymm 11 846.582ms
  7: ( asymm 8 866.718ms
  8: ( asymm 10 879.171ms
  9: ( asymm 11 925.695ms
10: ( asymm 14 919.159ms

We opened a ticket with TWT and were told we weren't the first to report the issue, but there was no ETR. I adjusted our routing to depreference TWT for reaching AS7922...which is kind of funny because Comcast clearly doesn't seem to want traffic via the route we're now sending it.

3356 7922 7922 7922

Don't want traffic via Level3...but can't take it via TWT?..I'll send it to you over Level3. At least that path works.

While its "pile on Comcast night", I'll add that that the Comcast peers with
Cablevision Lightpath are also a mess in New York, Ashburn and Chicago right
now. Have been for at least the last hour or two. According to Cablevision
we were not the first to report it and the feedback I have from them is that
this is an ongoing issue with Comcast over the last week or so.