two workshops (cflowd, RRDTool) 29-30 sept 99

the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA)
at the University of California's San Diego Supercomputer Center
(SDSC) is hosting a two-day workshop, September 29-30, 1999,
focusing on two tools:

  cflowd and arts++ ( and - Daniel McRobb author

  RRDtool ( - Tobi Oetiker, author

cflowd and arts++ are tools for collection, storage and analysis of
flow-export data from Cisco netflow output. they facilitate
collection and analysis of router-based data by network engineers
in support of capacity planning, trends analysis, and
characterization of traffic workloads.
(note btw new cflowd release today: cflowd-2-1-a2;
corresponding arts++ release: arts++-1-1-a1.

RRDtool is a time-series, data-storage and visualization tool that
assists in managing data collections. it is a system to store and
display time-series data, e.g. network bandwidth, machine-room
temperature, server load average. RRDtool stores data in a compact
manner and includes utilities for graphical presentation of
synthesized data.

note there won't be any cflowd stuff at nanog.montreal,
but tobi should be doing an RRDtool overview. fwiw.

the workshop is open to network operators responsible for
monitoring and/or managing WAN networks. attendance is limited
and will be on a first-come basis. details available at if you have any questions,
please contact Theresa Ott <> 858/822-0956.