twitter is serving up errors

expect nothing of technical relevance in this thread, but as this might
generate some phonecalls to some people.

Known issue, we're on it. This is not a nanog issue. fwiw.

No; it's probably better suited to

What, you mean you're not subscribed to that?

-- jr 'Hell, we're RFC 2549 compliant and everything' a

Ah well, you'd better have a LOT of storage space for your mailbox, if
you subscribe to that :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Martin List-Petersen

Odd. I get more traffic on NANOG than on Outages. Now if you want
a firehose list, go read linux-kernel. *that* will chew some storage at 400+
postings a day. :wink:

Yeah nanog is far more busy than outages, I think he meant the outages discussion list, which I can imagine may have high traffic and heated debates.