Al Gore was fake, the Chilean Earthquakes are real.

If you have interests near the Pacific Ocean, read up on the Tsunami
warnings for the area of your interest.


6:01am HST (11:01am EDT) Evac sirens sounded across the Hawaii Islands and the wave is expected at 11:05am HST (4:05pm EDT) this is updated as it was 11:19am before.

Tsunami evacuation zone areas are being advised to evacuate. But of course the online maps are actually offline today for some reason.

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I'd guess HI civil defence would not mind some quick assistance by a CDN..


The telephone book versions are online though.

Antonio Querubin
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e-mail/xmpp: tony@lava.net



Scroll down a ways.

For anyone interested in live tv coverage http://www.weatherserver.net/earthquake/ They are windows media feeds from Hawaii TV stations.


Is a good place to read the warnings and data about measured tsunamai heights.

Jared Mauch

The Tsunami is big enough to be dangerous but seems not to be too major :


LOTTIN PT NZ 37.6S 178.2E 1934Z 0.15M / 0.5FT 10MIN
CABO SAN LUCAS MX 22.9N 109.9W 1833Z 0.36M / 1.2FT 12MIN
ACAPULCO MX 16.8N 99.9W 1549Z 0.16M / 0.5FT 24MIN
PAPEETE TAHITI 17.5S 149.6W 1810Z 0.16M / 0.5FT 10MIN
People on the Pacific coast should of course certainly pay attention to the warnings of their local authorities.


Marshall Eubanks wrote:

The Tsunami is big enough to be dangerous but seems not to be too major :

It depends on where you are located, not just how distant you are from Chili but also the angle. They are forecasting a cone-shaped zone of effect heading directly towards Hawaii. See:


CNN reported a few minutes ago that the tsunami hit New Zealand about 1 hour ago. Hawaii is ~3 hours more distant (as the wave travels) from the location of the earthquake in Chili than New Zealand, so the expectation is that the wave will hit Hawaii a little later than first forecast.

ObNANOG: Does anyone know if transoceanic cable landing facilities are sited and built to resist damage a tsunami of a particular height/strength? (Thinking back to the video of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean on December 26, 2004.)