True Cost of Firewalling

Has anyone done a good comparison recently of the packet
forwarding speeds of suns and ciscos? Sure it seems easier
to front-end a sun and use it as a firewall, but how well
can a sun forward ip?


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What about comparisons with PCI based ethernet/ATM/whatever and an OS like
OpenBSD? I've nothing but great things to say about it-

As for cisco's, I don't have any references per se, altho any cisco rep
will be glad to tell you how fast cisco products are. :wink:

For Solaris (sparc), HP-UX, and NT (Intel) Checkpoint Software as done
some testing with their Firewall-1 product. The results are at:

Also, FreeBSD, they've done their own testing, and the results are at:

Note that both of these tests were run on machines running firewalling
software, so the results may be slightly less than just straight packet
forwarding, but I don't imagine by much.


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