Trouble with Marconi ASX-200BX


sorry for a little offtopic. But i don´t knew a better place for hopefully find help.

We had a little trouble when trying to configure a "new" Marconi Fore ASX-200BX ATM Switch with an running config from
another Marconi ASX-200BX.

Some of the config commands, seemed not to be known by the newer Foreos 7.1 on the "new".

we tried to do downgrade the Foreos on the "new" Marconi Fore ASX-200BX ATM Switch.

Installed was Foreos7.1 on a Pentium based SCP (SCP-ASXp5), careless we decided to delete the whole files and wanted to copy the Foreos7.0 files from another System.

We backuped the Files to a tftp server, and then we deleted the folders :frowning:

No we have the Problem, that we could not create a folder LD7.0 to copy the files from the other System.
And we can´t go back with the saved files, because we was to fast to delete the LD7.1 folder :frowning:

We have access to Webfrontend and console.
But i´m afraid that the SCP is electronic trash if i try to boot now.

I think there are 2 possible solutions to solve our Problem:

1. someone could tell us, how to create a folder and we copy the saved files back to the flash

Looking back and thinking about what we have tried, and realization how naive we have acted, in my eyes the best way.

2. We make a "system uprade" and this upgrade will recreate the files.

Our Problem with the second solution is, that we can´t find a download link for a System upgrade file, like discriped in the manual.

We tried to get an public account for the Software

But we did not get an answer on our request since more then 2 days.

Could anyone help us ?
Or did we create electronic trash?