Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2013 11:11:23 -0400
From: "Patrick W. Gilmore" <>
Subject: Re: Trivium

> Without Google, how do you know where anything even *is*?

Pretending that wasn't a troll, I wonder how much of the traffic these
days is things like AppleTV, Roku, OS updates, iThing/Android 'Apps', etc.
that do not require a user to type "" into the Google search
box[*] so they can find the web page.

we're running a wifi hotspot system with about 1,000 users daily. The top 10 domains on the firewall stats (content filter) are apple and f*cebook domains. So when you plan filtering out apple and/or f*cebook you might also shut down the hotspot, because for most users the 'net' then seems to be br0ken.

[*] I've actually see someone type "" into the Google search
box, then use Yahoo! to search for something. Don't ask....

"Never type google into google because you can break the Internet!"

           damn, another google domain ... :slight_smile: