Trends and Comparisons in Global BGP Data

"There are three kinds of lies; lies, damned lies and statistics"

                      - Benjami Disraeli

79.48% of all statistics are made up.

                        - Random Internet Quote

It does seem that we've seen a bit of a slow down in routing table
growth. Someone with more time should take a look at breaking down the
implied curves over given periods. It sure looks like we were on a
slow exponential curve from ~1998 to 3Q2000. 3Q2000->Now looks like
more of a linear growth.

I don't have any historical data to work with, but it would be interesting
if someone could break down the total prefix count by length. The recent
slowdown is hardly monumental in nature, and could easily be attributable
to nagging about the rampant and incompetent announcement of /24s.