and other impatient Postfix mailers everywhere (fwd)

Sure. But you claim to have proof (in the two links you posted) that
that feature was implemented on request of PV. That is not true,
those links only refer to PV having requested that sendmail not

The claim was made that Paul Vixie had enough clout to influence
modifications to sendmail features according to his wishes, and have
someone write a best practices RFC intended to modify vendor behavior.
He was, after all, the daddy of the RBL. You seem to claim his server was perhaps referenced in the source against his will.

I claim nothing of that sort. I was not talking about the RBL function at
I was pointing out that the links you posted with 'proof' do not prove
your claim that PV influenced the RBL feature in sendmail.
Your links only prove that he was asking for sendmail to stop relaying,
a *totally different* feature which has nothing to do with RBL or any
other external blacklist!!

How you can contrue from that that I claim anything about the RBL feature
is not apparent.

I do quite think he was possibly quite happy that it was referenced in
the default dnsbl config. But that is a long way from having actually
influenced that fact. I believe that whoever wrote the original rbl feature
(and no, I do not know who wrote that!) used the MAPS server reference
because it was available.

There's much more on the subject, but for the sake of this argument,
you win: it was miraculously introduced by the elves!

Having not claimed anything about how rbl or dnsrbl got introduced
I am puzzled why you want to concede to me on this point.

methinks you could use some time off