and other impatient Postfix mailers everyw here(fwd)

..., I would have figured they could afford to pay 5� per mailbox per
year (and MAPS might have even worked out a better rate than that for
the big guys)..

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Per year, for $1,000 users, cheapest option, standard pricing
RBL+ $1,250
DUL $500
RSS $700

or $2.40/per mailbox per year. Sorry my budget does not go there...

As I'm sure others will point out...
RBL+ (which *includes* DUN and RSS) is $1250 *plus* $50/1000users per year.

So it starts at $1300/yr/1000 users (or $1.30/yr, ie $0.11/month/user).
It asymtotically approaches $50/yr/1000 users (ie when you reach Aleph-null
users), or $0.05/year/user, or $0.004/month/user.

Unless you only have a thousand users, I'd find it very surprising if anyone
had problems fitting this into their business model.

(My opinion here is academic; we don't have "mailboxes" - we're an NSP, no