Transport and application layer configurations survey


We have often read that CDNs/CSPs optimize their networking stack configurations (e.g., TCP, HTTP etc.) to meet their performance/service requirements.
Please help us in exploring the configurations used in the wild by filling us this short survey (<10 minutes): CDN network configuration survey (


There’s a plethora of protocols and configuration options (TCP congestion control, initial congestion windows, HTTP version, HTTP options etc.) available for networking stack to address a variety of realistic network conditions and devices. Content providers mostly hand-tune the network stack configurations to suit the needs of underlying networks and users. We aim to improve the tuning by building a dynamic network stack that delegates the choice of tuning configurations to a data-driven model and uses the optimal set of configurations for individual networks.

Purpose of Survey:
This survey aims to understand the networking configurations used in-the-wild by network operators and the extent of configuration tuning used to curate the networking stack according to the needs of underlying networks. We also aim to understand the rationale that goes behind tuning the stack to a certain configuration.

We expect the survey to be filled by anyone involved with content delivery, protocol designing, next-gen protocols or network infrastructure. The survey and collected data are anonymous and the aggregate results will be used as part of a scientific study.

Thanks in advance and we look forward to your responses.

Usama Naseer (Brown University,

PS: We would appreciate if you could forward the email to other operators who might not be a part of NANOG.