Transparent Waves

Can someone refer me to the ITU SPEC on transparent 10 gig wave service. I have a client is looking to lease two 10 gig waves but they do not want an Ethernet format. Just transparent. I want to make sure the carrier gets it right when they configure the service.



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Are you referring to GFP?

I think G.7041 is what you want. The "transparent" flavor.!!PDF-E&type=items

They're probably looking for a G.709 spec service. You still need to know something about their traffic, is it analog RFOG, or something already framed like SONET or 1/10/100G. If they can hand you a connection with G.709 styled framing most modern transport gear can ship it end-to-end, even over ROADM.!Amd1/en!Amd1!PDF-E&type=items