Transition question (ENSS status)

Wow, *poof* bye bye NSFNET backbone service.

I was wondering, in the interests of federal-agency <--> IRC
(MCI), international (PIPEX) and domestic (Alternet, PSI et
al.) commercial connectivity, if ANS might somehow be able
to negotiate among the federal networks for keeping ENSS145
at FIX-EAST as a level-three backup between FIX-EAST and
MAE-EAST+ just in case the level-2 bridging scheme doesn't
work very well in practice.

ANS is better suited to that than ICM is right now,
and I think it would be pragmatic not to have to
deal with the issue of east-coast FIX<-->MAE connectivity
on an emergency basis.

This is probably an FNC thing that NSF/MERIT combination is
likely to be best suited to run with, I imagine.

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Sean Doran <> / <>