Transit from Cogent - thoughts?

Contemplating using Cogent Communications for transit as pricing looks
favourable. Just trying to get a feel for what sort of a reputation they
have in the network operators community. I'm sure people have horror
stories for every provider, but just trying to get a general idea of what
sort of regard they are held in the community.



Cogent has been brought up several times over the last year. I suggest

Otherwise you've just reopened a can of worms again.


Perhaps the best way for you to get an answer to your question without the
entire list erupting for no good reason is to click on the following link
which will show all messages from the NANOG mailing list about Cogent. Then
you can make your decision based on past conversations as opposed to adding
more messages to that archive on the topic.

BTW, if you don't want to click on the link I've pasted because you are
careful and prudent, just go to the website and search
for "Cogent".

Good luck!


I also suggest reading the Wikipedia page on Cogent.