Transformer takes out datacenter (Reno, NV)?

After being informed that my website was unreachable from
a few people, I verified that I couldn't query the DNS
servers for it. I waited a few hours and they still didn't
respond. A call to my domain registrar (who runs the DNS)
was answered by an machine. A call to the home of the DNS
admin was answered. He said that apparently a transformer
had blown up in or near a datacenter near Reno and, basically,
that nothing was working. AFAICT, the datacenter itself had
no connectivity to the Internet at large and everything there
was inaccessible. He said he'd heard three different times
that things were supposed to be fixed: Midnight, 2am, and
6am (GMT-8).

Does anybody have any more (detailed) information on this?


Explosion rocks Reno office building

By Elaine Goodman, Carla Roccapriore and Marilyn Newton
7/29/2003 09:19 pm

   Liz Margerum/Liz Margerum
Firefighters put water on 200 South Virginia St. after a transformer
explosion Tuesday in downtown Reno.

A transformer explosion Tuesday on the side of the Wells Fargo office
building in downtown Reno sent flaming oil through the streets, slightly
burning a woman and forcing the evacuation of more than 200 workers,
officials said.

Reno city spokesman Steve Frady said many workers had left for the day
before the explosion.

Crews were investigating what caused the transformer at 200 S. Virginia
St. to explode shortly after 4 p.m. The ensuing fire sent up a smoke plume
visible for miles and charred the outside of the eight-story building.

The oil used as a coolant for the transformer caught fire and sent flames
down Virginia Street toward Court Street, fire officials said.

Chris Christiansen said she was walking near the transformer when it
exploded, burning her face and neck.