transferring [legacy] address space from arin to ripe

i have just finished $subject. arin and ripe host and admin folk were
cooperative and helpful to the point of being embarrassing; dealing with
me when the moon is in klutz has to be a major pita. but inter-rir
transfer works, works well, and works for legacy space.

we are continuing by bringing up an rpki CA under ripe's CA, step by
step over the next couple of weeks. normally, it would be trivial; so
to make it exciting, we are doing it with pilot versions of the ripe and
dragon labs code bases which support the new rrdb [0], as well as rsync,
propagation methods.

i hope to report success in boring technical detail at the iepg meeting
on 2016.04.03 in BA. but i thought it worth reporting that inter-rir
transfer works and works well. thank you ripe and arin.


[0] draft-ietf-sidr-delta-protocol-01.txt

The interesting thing is how much trouble you will get from the geolocation

Or maybe you will get additional revenue from Netflix customers that love
the American Netflix.



Apparently my data analytics skills are sharp enough to have found those networks in under 5 minutes. A /16, a /22 (effectively), and two /24s, right?

I see another /18 got transferred to RIPE the day after yours, so apparently you're not the only one doing this.