Trans-Atlantic Traffic

In a previous message Per Gregers Bilse wrote: inic 134.222
European Unix Users Group (NET-EUNET-X25)
   Kruislaan 413
   NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam

   Netname: EUNET-X25

We will leave this untouched for future generations to wonder about,
especially the "X25" designation.-)

Aha, fond memories - I remember when we first replaced the
UKC (became EUnet GB) UUCP over IPSS (BT's international X.25 service)
to Eunet Central, in Amsterdam, with a custom built IP router which ran IP
over that 9600 baud X.25 link. And that was a /24 subnet of

- Almost ALL the UK's commercial email fitted on that link - it was approx
December 1990 - and as IPSS is charged by the packet, email was charged
by the Kilobyte for incoming and outgoing international mail