Training the next generation:

thanks for the feedback. All the bridging issues you mention are covered in Tannenbaum. Packet captures for examples is a good thought. These students are already familiar with the spanning tree algorithm from a previous course, they just don't know that it is good for bridging. I don't have complete details by section but the book details are at for Tannenbaum and for the project book by Grodzinsky

IP addressing is covered in Tannenbaum, as are routing algorithms. Obviously Tannenbaum doesn't cover OSPF to the same depth as Comer or John Moy's OSPF book.

The URL for my syllabus for CSCI 415 Telecomputing is in my original post. A syllabus for a TCP/IP course is posted by Comer at .

What I'm most concerned for is the special topics course.
There is no time for bridging and other L1/L2 stuff (or ATM wherever layer you stick it). That is in Telecomputing.