Train Derailment near Milwaukee (Washingon County)

Anybody know if there's any fiber runs affected?


Associated Press
Last Updated: July 15, 2002
Allenton - A 70-car freight train carrying hazardous
materials derailed Monday afternoon, causing a fire
and sending 16 cars off the track in Washington

The Canadian National freight derailed about 2:30 p.m.
on Wildlife Road near County Trunk K about a mile west
of U.S. 41, said Washington County Sgt. Jill Raffay.

"They are having a hard time getting up to evaluate
what happened because of the fire that is going on,"
Raffay said.

There were no reported injuries.

Some of the 16 cars were carrying hazardous materials,
she said, but the type of materials was not
immediately known. "The ones on fire were not the ones
with hazardous material."

At least four fire departments were on the scene and a
hazardous materials team from Milwaukee was on the
way, Raffay said.

Some side roads were closed due to the accident, but
no major highways were shut down, she said. There are
some houses in the area but no one has been evacuated,
Raffay said.

Raffay did not know the train's destination or origin.

"It was probably going northbound because the engine
stopped in Allenton," she said.

A more complete version of this story will appear
online later tonight and in the Milwaukee Journal
Sentinel in the morning.

Anybody know if there's any fiber runs affected?

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The fiber is okay, thank goodness!

There may have been a few casualties, but at least the fiber is okay....

People are a lot less expensive than fiber!! And more quickly replaced.